Concrete Floors in Bedford, New Hampshire

While working for F & S Transit Mix Co, the main concrete supply company in southern New Hampshire at the time, Harvey Provencher decided he wanted to start a concrete floor company. Harvey was the first dispatcher for the company and was a well-known figure in the concrete industry.

Using Harvey's Concrete Floors as the company name, Harvey started a concrete floor company in 1960. His stepson, Walter Szulc, helped him, working side-by-side for years. Walter was able to learn a lot about the business. In 1968, Harvey no longer wanted to pour floors, so he sold the business to Walter Szulc. Having already been established, Walter decided to keep running the business under his stepfather's name.
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The company has thrived over the last 45-plus years through quality work and care for the customers. Like his stepfather, Walter has brought his sons into the business. Working together, he has educated his sons with the information he has gained throughout his tenure. In doing so, he hopes to keep the family business going for many more generations to come.
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