Garage Floors & Decorative Concrete Floors in Bedford, New Hampshire

Harvey's Concrete Floors, in Bedford, New Hampshire, makes your home or business more efficient with garage floors and other types of decorative concrete floors. Decorative options that give your property a richer look are also available.


You benefit from our more than 50 years of experience when you request residential or commercial flatwork. For residential customers, we offer new garage and other concrete floors, or we can remove existing structures and replace them. We also do commercial flatwork, including warehouses, garages, and large buildings.

From the start, we save you money because we do on-site measuring to make sure we have the right amount of concrete rather than too much or too little. We also use chutes and stands rather than wheelbarrows for faster, cleaner work.
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Decorative Concrete Work

Give your home or business a more upscale look with decorative concrete work for patios, driveways, walkways, stairs, and pool decks.

Decorative Finishes

Your concrete work will look even better with decorative finishes such as broom finish, which creates a texture that provides surface traction and a decorative appearance. We also offer magnesium-float finish, exposed aggregate, and decorative saw cutting that adds patterns and also works as an agent for expansion. Decorative concrete work can also be done in colors that complement your home or business.
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Floor Removal and Saw Cutting

Remove and replace concrete flooring or driveways. This can be done for an entire surface or a certain section. Once we've replaced the concrete surface, we can add a finish that improves its look and protects it. We recommend saw cutting expansion joints to create a quality floor that will help prevent cracks.
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